The Little Monster kit comes with all the foam and fleece pre cut, eye kits, dowels for the arms and legs, pose able hand kits, hair and the felt for the mouth. The only materials you need are contact cement, needle and thread and a pair of scissors. you can also use a hot glue gun to make some things a little quicker (not included).
Kits come with tutorial DVDs to take you step by step. From building the mouth plates to assembling the pose able hands to final assembly.   Then after you are done building your puppet you can dress them any way you would like. Clothes are not included in the kits.
These puppet kits are fun to put together and the will bring years of fun. No matter if your 10 or 100 you will enjoy your very own puppet to entertain yourself and others.

iThe Little Monste Kit $85.00 USD plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. 
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